Cynthia M. Gill, MA, LMFT
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Counselor, Teacher, Speaker, Author

Cynthia Gill, MA, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist currently in practice with Northland Counseling, Chanhassen, MN.  As an experienced teacher and counselor, Cynthia brings a depth of understanding of relational & emotional struggles, along with a passion to help people gain the insights and skills to overcome them.


Cynthia brings humor, enthusiasm, and a wealth of life experiences to her presentations, drawing on 25 years of high school teaching, as well as more than 3 decades of married life, parenthood and more recently as a grandparent.


A graduate of Adler Graduate School, and Carleton College, she has served as the Academic Dean of Bethany Academy, led numerous trips overseas with teens, and worked in an inner city mission. She continues to reach out by mentoring young adults, and volunteering to serve victims of sexual exploitation.

"Cynthia Gill is a dedicated, and loving teacher, counselor, and mentor.  Her knowledge and compassion in counseling is filled with wisdom; her passion and humility serve hurting and wounded people”

 -Michelle Dikken, Board Member, Breaking Free